A tale of two fridges

**WARNING This post contains graphic images not suitable for the faint hearted or if you are eating!**

Well, one fridge. But two different identities!

It may already be becoming obvious to readers of this blog that I am not exactly a natural housewifey type. That may be an understatement. I have strengths, lots of them, but keeping my home clean and tidy isn’t one of them.

That is a shame because I am the type of person who thrives in a clean and tidy environment and any mess tends to send my brain into a terrible, panicky spin. My head is in a terrible, panicky spin a lot. And when my head is in a spin, I’m even less inclined to keep things tidy. It’s a vicious circle.

But this morning I have made a tiny start on the squalor, by cleaning out the fridge. It was pretty bad, to say the least. In fact I decided to treat you all to a photograph of just how bad it was. It’s a shame you can’t all smell what I could smell when I was taking the photo. Ick.

Want to see a close up of that horrible stuff at the bottom? No? Tough…

I think there may have been actual Things living in it…

Anyway, some sniffing, dry heaving, binning, composting, scrubbing, wiping and drying later, I eventually had this:

Isn’t that glorious? We Can Haz Hygiene! And just like every other time, I am already vowing to keep it looking like this at all times.

Now we need to go shopping, because I hadn’t realised just how little we owned that was actually edible…


9 thoughts on “A tale of two fridges

  1. You’ve just inspired me to go clean my fridge! It’s not too bad at the moment (cause I haven’t been home for a month) but cleaning it while it’s empty is probably a good plan. I just couldn’t be bothered before…

    Yours looks very sparkly and clean and shiny 🙂 Well done!

  2. You’re not alone Helen. What you’ve been writing sounds uncannily like my own house – even down to the fridge! It’s great when you finally get done. I constantly struggle. I try flylady every so often, and like you I have my mum who keeps a tidy house and my friends seem to manage it too. I was definitely born without the house cleaning gene 🙂

  3. That looks brilliant – well done! And compared to the fridge I cleaned at the end of Jess’s first year in a student house, yours was sparkly clean to begin with! I aim to at least wipe mine out when I’m about to do a big shop – but I rarely succeed.

    And having done mine yesterday, I now have a bin which is going to be horribly smelly by the time the bin men come on tuesday (and I’ve double bagged it all). I hate wasting food, but sometimes things get bought and then I just don’t have the energy to cook with them – and this time it was partly Chris who hadn’t eaten all the stuff I bought him for while I was away.

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