All hail to the power of blogging!

One came downstairs this afternoon. “Mum, I’ve read your latest blog post. I’m going to tidy my room now!”

Wow. I wonder what else I can post about? Must give this some serious thought…

In other news, our visitors arrived with a trailer full of insulation (to hopefully make part of the garage into a chill-out zone at some point) and my worktop and shelf for my kitchen. It was truly lovely to see them; they were very tactful about the state of the house, and I fed them flapjack, lots of mugs of tea, and takeaway fish and chips to say thank you for all their hard work!

Two found Custard running around in the dining room! After a false start where he put her down and she ran off again (argh), he rescued her once again and both hamsters are now safely shut in the cage, with two sticky blackout blinds well and truly over their windows! I really thought she was gone for good this time so this is a huge relief. I will sleep soundly tonight now!

I’m really looking forward to the new series of Outnumbered which starts this evening! I say I watch it to help me feel better about my lively set of three children, but it usually just makes me wish I was married to Hugh Dennis instead. 😉

Must try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. I have to be up early to pack One and Two off to go paintballing with their dad. Very exciting for them!


2 thoughts on “All hail to the power of blogging!

  1. I need to make flapjacks. I bought oats only to find we have a box in the cereal cupboard and a box in the baking cupboard.
    What did you think of Outnumbered? I found it a bit flat and am sad because Karen is growing up 😦

    • I really liked it but agree with you about Karen – I couldn’t believe how grown up she is! Also, Ben’s voice is breaking! How can that be?!
      The episode made me and One laugh a lot though so certainly served its purpose today. 🙂

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