Bring me sunshine

As I emerged into consciousness this morning, in between presses of the snooze button, I focussed on a text I’d received from someone who got up earlier than me, saying ‘weather looks gorgeous today’. Hurrah for some glorious September sunshine!

Made it out of bed later than I should have done – my sleep pattern is well and truly shot to pieces after these holidays and needs bringing into line pretty quickly before school runs start again next week – a seven o’clock start would be an enormous shock to the system right now (oh how I love having older children in that respect: parents of younger ones, take heart, you will get your lie ins back one day!).

It was a day filled with admin hanging over my head. I’ve managed to complete most of it: apply for a job; fill in my jobseekers form; go and sign on; send some emails; make a phone call. Still to do later tonight: Fill in a couple of forms ahead of a meeting tomorrow morning. Left for another day: Check bank account (erk, I’m scared of this one) and arrange car breakdown cover (my car is too old and I am too clueless to go without that for long!).

Through the whole day, Three has been pestering me to take her for a bike ride. Going up and down the alleyway at the back of our house is fun, but a bit predictable after the first few times. I kept putting her off and putting her off, telling her that I had lots to do today already, but by late afternoon, endless Tiny Pop on the TV was starting to drive me insane and I decided it was either go out or throw a brick at the screen…

I invited the other two as well. One was dozing and Two decided he’d like to come with us. So the three of us went out for a walk along the stream which runs very near where we live. Two and I on foot, Three on her bicycle, complete with stabilisers. Two suggested we teach her how to ride without them – I said in no uncertain terms that I had no patience for that today!

I hadn’t desperately wanted to go out today. I was feeling a bit tired, a bit overfaced by everything that needs doing, and what I really felt like doing was curling up under a nice big duvet with a book, a cup of tea and some chocolate, and hiding from the entire world for a while! We all have days like that, don’t we? But with children or other responsibilities we don’t often get chance to indulge those wishes, and today was no exception.

But I’m ever so glad we went. I live less than 10 minutes’ walk from a busy town centre. In no way could my little bit of the world be described as rural, unlike where I grew up. But it is amazing what lovely bits of nature you can find even in the centre of Crewe! It felt so lovely and peaceful down by the brook.

There was tree climbing to be done, and I ignored my slight nervousness at seeing my 7 year old clambering higher than my head, and just smiled encouragingly and took photographs:

They headed for home harmoniously at a faster rate than me (though I caught them up under the bridge where they had stopped to look at a mural which One and Two helped to paint two summers ago).

We will gloss over the fact that by the time we actually reached home (about ten minutes after I captured that lovely sibling moment), they were both tired, hungry, and bickering! The overall outing was a complete success and I am very glad I overcame my hermit tendencies today to enjoy the outdoors and the last of the summer holidays before routine takes us all over once more.


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