New beginnings

I am in a short period of silence and alone in between partner going back home to his children, and my children arriving back from time with their dad. I have about 40 minutes of ‘me time’ and so blogging seems like a plan. Never mind the washing up, the tidying, the everything else that needs doing!

It’s been a lovely bank holiday weekend, with walks, sleeping in late, TV, food, crosswords, relaxing together and talking. Term will begin again next week and after a summer of one holiday after another, more or less, we will get back to some semblance of normal again! Routines, school runs, college, the everyday tasks which fill the weeks with a regular rhythm. A distance relationship isn’t always easy when we both have busy lives, but well worth keeping up the communication in between the times we can physically spend together.

And so term begins once more. This September is a time of change for all three children. On Wednesday next week, One will begin year 9. At her school, this year, they are experimenting with a three year Key Stage 4, meaning that the year 8s took their options in March, and begin their GCSE courses in year 9. As she wasn’t expecting to be going into GCSEs until year 10, this has been quite a change! She is feeling excited and also has some trepidation about this new responsibility.

Two has left primary school this time and will start in year 7 at his big sister’s secondary school on Tuesday. I can’t quite get my head around having two at secondary school, but I’m sure I will soon get used to it. I am hoping he will thrive in a new school with new faces and interesting subjects to study.

Three has left the infants behind for ever and begins in year 3 at the primary school on Wednesday. It will be a pretty easy transition for her; the same school building, she is even keeping the same teacher! Just a classroom slightly further up the corridor, and playing in the big junior playground instead of the smaller infant one. She is nervous about moving a little further up the school pecking order, but is definitely ready for the challenge – she has grown up in so many ways this summer which is so exciting to see.

It is a change for me too – the juniors go into the playground on their own in the mornings, and parents don’t wait until the whistle goes. After many years of having a child in the infants, I have always had to stay at school until quarter to nine when the child has gone into the classroom. Now my final child is no longer in the infants, I will finally be able to drop her off at 8.30 (well, I can dream of being that early, can’t I?) and go straight home again, thus adding precious minutes to my day!

This morning before going home, J had a look with me at the bicycle which has been languishing in my garage for well over a year now. I used to use it on the school run, and to cycle about the town, until the front brakes went peculiar and I didn’t feel safe on it any more. I kept meaning to take it to a shop and get it looked at, but the money never seemed to stretch that far, and so the poor bicycle got abandoned.

Today, J has helped me fix the front brakes! Now I just need to pump up the tyres and check they are just flat from abandonment rather than punctures. If all is well, I will be able to start cycling to and from school again, which is something I love to do. There is nothing like the freedom of cycling. When I was working, pre-children, I commuted on my bike, and though I sometimes hated it (rain, ice, winter darkness), I more often loved it (the breeze in my face, the feeling of controlling my own movements and being one with the bicycle). I am so excited at the prospect of using my bike again after all this time!


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