I want to ride my bicycle

Here she is, all in working order! Isn’t she beautiful?

All ready now for the school run, trips out into town, longer rides when I have time… the possibilites are endless! For me, cycling definitely equals freedom and independence, and always has, from the long summer childhood days with my friends on the High Peak Trail (quarter of a mile from the house where I grew up; we were so, so lucky) – not an adult in sight and miles of old railway line to cover, through university days in Manchester, saving bus fares by biking through the busy streets and cycle paths to lectures and evenings out, to the daily commute to work and back for several years, until I got too pregnant (with One) to cycle any longer.

Getting my bicycle out has inspired the younger two at least to have a go on theirs. Two discovered that he had a puncture in his back tyre. And I subsequently discovered that I haven’t forgotten how to mend punctures, even after all these years. That felt good!

Here’s to cycling, this September and beyond!


6 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle

    • Ha! When I picked my helmet up to put it on my head, there was a big spider sitting in it! I’m so glad I noticed in time to shake it out onto the garage floor…

  1. Well, do be VERY, VERY careful – I hate it when my friends cycle, since someone I loved was knocked off their bike and killed. Please, please always wear reflective gear and a helmet, and do be dreadfully careful all the time!

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