September is approaching with speed

The other day it was shirts and trousers for One and Two. Even shopping as cheaply as possible, four white shirts each and two pairs of black trousers each, plus a pack of black socks each, came to a ridiculous amount of money. That is before we factor in the blazer, tie and PE kit that Two will need for starting secondary school this time.

Thank goodness for hand me downs – Three has lots of polo shirts, grey trousers/skirts and primary school jumpers to choose from already!

Today it was time to buy shoes. I loathe buying shoes, both for myself and also for the children. It is my idea of hell to have to buy shoes for all of the children at once, in some cases more than one pair each! We set off in trepidation; I was trying to be cheerful about it but my heart was sinking as we approached the shoe shop.

First to measure feet. Two pairs of feet have grown; one pair of feet appear to have shrunk. She was slightly less than impressed about that and decided the shoe measuring thingy must be wrong. Shrunk or not, her school shoes and trainers at home don’t fit at any rate, so she still needed new ones!

Three was ridiculously easy to sort out. She found a pair of school shoes she liked, tried them on, they fitted perfectly. Price tag was acceptable so into the basket they went! Took about three minutes from start to finish. What a relief!

One and Two needed school shoes and trainers/football boots. They took significantly longer to sort out, with lots of trying on, taking off, walking up and down; attempting to do the latter naturally with a piece of elastic about six inches long joining one shoe to its mate! Eventually we managed to find what we needed, but my stress levels were rising, particularly trying to find football boots at a price we were willing to pay, which I have never had to buy before in my life, but are compulsory for boys at the secondary school (I would say ‘grrr sexist’ at the school, but a friend pointed out that if I do that, I will only end up having to buy them for my daughter as well!).

Joined the queue triumphantly. Successfully obtained student discount (‘You don’t look like a student’, said the man at the till as he perused my college ID card. ‘I’m a mature student’, I said. ‘Not that mature’, he said charmingly. Never mind the fact that I feel totally ancient and knackered after an hour of shoe shopping!). Also obtained three free solar powered calculators as we had spent so much money. Children more delighted with the free calculators than they were with the shoes…

So that is done, for another term. Please, please let their feet not grow for ages…


3 thoughts on “September is approaching with speed

  1. Ugh, I remember how expensive it was for my poor mum when I started secondary and there was only one of me! Glad the worst is over x

    • It is quite scary how much it all adds up to! I’m still getting my head round having two at secondary school now, and one in the juniors – no more infants any more!

  2. I went to a fee-paying school on a half-fees scholarship, and I remember my mother saying that the money they were saving on the fees just about covered all the new uniform. I’ve never been quite sure how serious she was …

    Do you make One wear boys’ shirts so they can be handed down? I always had to and so did many of my friends – no idea why girls could wear boys’ shirts but not vice versa!

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