Lazing on a Thursday afternoon

What do you do with five children from two different families, thrown together for a few days and suffering from a little bit of post-lunch fractiousness?

You take them out and find a river to play in, of course!

(After spending a good hour searching for the car keys, and then eventually producing the spare car key so we can go out anyway, and then discovering the sodding house keys have gone missing now… we did eventually find ALL the keys and set off on our journey, but it was looking doubtful for a while!)

We went to the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District, which is owned by the National Trust. It had all the ingredients for my perfect afternoon. Free parking, an ice cream van, an easy walk down to the river, and lots of grass to spread our blankets out on. And the river looked this beautiful:

We laid claim to a quiet spot and spread out the blankets. Immediately dam building began:

And a lot of clambering for my seven year old mountain goat!

There were five children there, honestly, and I have lots of photos to prove it, but didn’t want to feature either faces, or other people’s children on my blog and so the photos I can post here are quite limited!

The adults helped to build the dam (well, one of us did, and it wasn’t me…), did crosswords with the help of the two oldest girls, generally chilled out on the blankets in the sunshine, and took some photos:

We were almost stampeded by sheep (no photo of this, sadly, as we were too startled by the galloping onslaught to manage to grab the camera); most of us enjoyed an ice cream, and a good time was had by all, including the dogs:

(Somebody had a very muddy bottom too… I wonder how many washes it will take to get those knickers clean!)

We stayed until most other people had already left for home, and already I would rather like to go back. There is surely no better lazy sunny afternoon activity than pottering about near a shallow river!


2 thoughts on “Lazing on a Thursday afternoon

  1. Hi Helen, this reminds me of a lovely afternoon we spent in the Coquet Valley in Northumberland when our girls were 2 and 9. They spent the whole time playing in the water, and wading in the rocky stream in their wellies, while we relaxed close by. (Glad to have caught up with you here by the way – love the new blog )
    Alison xx

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