We had an Experiment for tea tonight

Yesterday the supermarket had fresh noodles on their reduced shelf, and I bought them mainly because they looked like a bargain and I couldn’t leave them there. Never mind the fact that I had nothing really to go with them… you know how it goes.Noodles

So I did what we all have to do in these situations – invented an entirely new dish.

I looked in the fridge and found mushrooms, bacon and eggs. Clearly the only way forward from there is to make a ‘Cooked Breakfast Stir Fry’!

I threw some mushrooms into the wok and cut up the bacon to put in there too.

Fried it all up until it looked like this:

Then added the noodles! At this point Two came in, fascinated by the aroma drifting through the house and on hearing my description of the Cooked Breakfast Stir Fry, he renamed it a ‘Stir Fry Up’! I like that!

When the noodles were cooked to my satisfaction, I added the eggs:

Scrambled them all up with everything else, then served it all up, with optional ketchup (can’t stand the stuff personally, but the children like it and it does sort of go with a fry up I suppose):

And then I gobbled up mine (which was delicious) and watched to see what happened to the children’s plates.

And as you can see from the following photo, it was a complete and utter success! Hurrah! We will be having ‘Stir Fry Up’ again. Well, next time fresh noodles are cheap in Tesco anyway…


P.S. This blog post has taken FAR longer than I would have liked, because the photo uploading was much much slower than I expected. Those in the know -is this something I just need to get used to with WordPress?


9 thoughts on “We had an Experiment for tea tonight

  1. Sounds delicious, and I have a pack of noodles for tea tonight, with quorn, muchrooms, baby corn, mangetout…most of which the kids will pick out and fuss about.

  2. That sounds wonderful. T loves noodles but I’m a little tired if stir fry tbh. Worth a try next time we have Bacon!

  3. We buy these noodles quite often too although they’re quite big packets for two people and they don’t seem to keep that well. We normally have ours with chicken and whatever veg we have on hand and lots of spices. Yum!

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