The cat is out of the bag!

Even with their laptops still at their dad’s house until he returns them this week, the children now know all about my blog. Three caught sight of the page over my shoulder earlier and said ‘is that your website Mummy?’

Soon all three of them were gathered round reading over my shoulder, touchingly enthusiastic about this little project. ‘Mum you’re actually a really good writer’ said One. As she is a truly superb writer and can craft words better than I ever could, that is really welcome praise.

Fast forward to the kitchen a little while later. One (aged 13 remember) has found her old hobby horse (well, zebra) from when she was about four. She comes galloping into the kitchen singing the tune to ‘Oh Susanna’ and generally fooling around pretending to be four again. Making me smile as she does every single day.

Then she stopped.

‘Everything I do, you might write about on your blog…’

‘Well yes, that is possible.’

‘That never happened…’


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