How (not) to catch up on a horrendous night’s sleep when the children are here

Snuggle down in bed, take glasses off, breathe a huge sigh.

A little later

One: Mum, oh sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, but how do I open this bottle of J20?

Me: Mmmmm, urrrgh, you need a bottle opener, I don’t even know if we have one, let me look later, ok?

Snuggle down again.

A little later

Three: Mummy, can I have a bath?

Me: Not now, I’m just having a rest, and anyway there won’t be any hot water at this time of day. Let me be for a while, please?

Cuddle the nice warm seven year old for a minute and then snuggle down again, blissfully hearing the door shut behind her (never let it be said my children are not well trained…)

Quite a lot later, to be fair, when I have actually managed a bit of sleep – I know this because I was having a real dream! I was surfing on my bottom down all 13 flights of stairs in the Polytechnic hall of residence I lived in 21 years ago! I think it started initially because I was being chased by a baby rhino, but in the dream the rhino disappeared and the surfing was just for fun – I got really good at it by floor 1…

Three: Mummy, when are you getting up?

Me: Mmmmmmm, urrrgggghh, soon, I promise

A short while later

Three: Mummy, when are you getting up? You’ve been in bed ages!

Me: Mmmmmmm, urrrrgggggh (I’m coherent, aren’t I?) I’m sorry, I had hardly any sleep last night, I’m trying to catch up a bit, I will get up soon, I promise.

Another short while later

Three: Mummeeeeeee, when are you getting up?

Me: Very soon now my ducky, I promise.

Wait for the door to shut yet again, give in, sit up, put glasses back on, note with relief that the banging headache has almost disappeared, lift up the lid of the laptop and….. write a blog post.

Note that Two, my lovely 11 year old son, is conspicuously absent from this entry. This is because earlier today he went into town with his 13 year old sister. That is why she now has J20, presumably, and it is also the reason he now owns a big packet of water bombs. I haven’t seen him for hours, except to use the kitchen tap and to appear occasionally to tell me excitedly how soaked he is…

And now I suppose it is time to get up out of my lazy bed, recommence the day and commune with the children who wish to be communed with. After all, I need a wee. And we need groceries if we’re going to actually eat anything at teatime.

I do hope I manage more than three hours’ sleep tonight!


6 thoughts on “How (not) to catch up on a horrendous night’s sleep when the children are here

  1. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight! I have spent the sum total of let’s see… 5 hours, with two of my friends, a 2 and a half year old and a 1 year old and I am exhausted, sitting on the sofa with tea. I think I need to toughen up if I am ever to survive having children!

  2. Hope tonight is better. I keep falling asleep after lunch, in fact sometimes I think I should give in and add in a nap as routine!

    Love how you’ve told the story.

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