Shiny new blog – but why?

I have blogged for years now. Since March 2005 over at Livejournal. Most of the first four years of those posts are entirely private now, and a great deal of the rest are filtered to specific groups of people, and private posts purely for the emptying of my own head in the middle of the night. I have posted there publically, for quite long periods of time, but for various reasons, I didn’t find it a useful forum for public blogging, or for interacting with bloggers using other platforms.

More recently, I more or less stopped blogging altogether. I still have things to say; posts bubbling around in my head; photographs I want to share, but Livejournal just didn’t feel like the right place to do that any more. My blogging needs have changed and I need to move on.

So I woke up this morning with a sudden decision that WordPress might be the way forward. Just jumped in and made a start. I’m hoping to connect with old friends and new. To continue sharing some of my life with you all and learn from you too.

I am sure as I find my way around WordPress it will all get a little easier and more intuitive. This does feel like a rather steep learning curve at the moment, but I like learning!


16 thoughts on “Shiny new blog – but why?

  1. I’m really glad you’ve decided to blog via wordpress, I am thinking of a move here myself. Still at the ‘thinking’ stage myself but maybe one day I will take the plunge! Happy Blogging!

  2. *waves* I’m glad you’re blogging again! Will look forward to reading.
    I, too, have been dithering over moving from LJ, but I’m not convinced about anonymising myself enough to be properly public, if that makes sense.

  3. I hope you will enable RSS feeds, or else network it on Facebook so that I can keep up. I still use LJ for skating and life-in-general, but that is a semi-private, friends-only blog; my public blogs are on specific subjects (one cookery and recipes; the other my sermons!). Works for me…

    • I hope RSS feeds are enabled – I have stuck an RSS link at the side of the blog so people can put it in their reader if they want to! I do intend to share the posts on facebook too.

  4. I know I found a way of setting all my blogger posts to go on FB automatically. It should work here and I can have a look and see what it was if you like. There is also networked blogs which does that…hmm, is that what I use?. I’ve enjoyed using blogger although I am getting increasingly frustrated with trying to format words and photographs together (although I haven’t found WP any better for that, albeit an old version of WP).
    I’ve not really used LJ much this last year or so, not a conscious decision, just evolving that way.

    • It’s pretty quick and easy just to hit the ‘share with FB’ button on each post, actually. And gives me the option not to if I decide I would prefer not to with any individual post, too.

  5. Hurrah. I had begun to wonder whether you’d moved and I’d missed something. But here you are. *toddles off to google reader to add you*

    • I wonder how much of it is to do with the DDoS attacks and all the downtime, but actually I’d started tailing off ages before that happened and didn’t renew my paid account this year. I’ve been leading up to defecting for quite some time!

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